QLectives (Quality Collectives)

The QLectives project finished in August 2013.

The results are documented in the project deliverables, in scientific papers, and in the QLectives book:

Quality Collectives: evolving socio-technical systems to support quality

which is available as a free download as an e-book (in ePub format) from here.




QLectives is a project bringing together top social modelers, peer-to-peer engineers and physicists to design and deploy next generation self-organising socially intelligent information systems. The project aims to combine three recent trends within information systems:

  • Social networks - in which people link to others over the Internet to gain value and facilitate collaboration (think of Facebook)
  • Peer production - in which people collectively produce informational products and experiences without traditional hierarchies or market incentives (think Wikipedia)
  • Peer-to-Peer systems - in which software clients running on user machines distribute media and other information without a central server or administrative control (think of BitTorrent)

QLectives aims to bring these together to form Quality Collectives, i.e. functional decentralised communities that self-organise and self-maintain for the benefit of the people who comprise them. We aim to generate theory at the social level, design algorithms and deploy prototypes targeted towards two application domains:

  • QMedia - an interactive peer-to-peer media distribution system (including live streaming), providing fully distributed social filtering and recommendation for quality (think of social television 2.0)


  • QScience - a distributed platform for scientists allowing them to locate or form new communities and quality reviewing mechanisms, which are transparent and promote quality (think of Slashdot for any particular discipline or sub-discipline)


QLectives is supported by the European Commission 7th Framework Programme (FP7) for Research and Technological Development under the Information and Communication Technologies Theme, Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Proactive, Call 3: ICT-2007.8.4 Science of Complex Systems for socially intelligent ICT (COSI-ICT).

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